“I fell in love when i saw my cake for the first time.
The love birds were so cute they almost made me cry.”
Diann September 2013

What We Do

Wedding Cakes

Two of the most beautiful compliments we’ve ever gotten about our wedding cakes had little to do with words. The first was a bride who couldn’t resist licking ganache off her fingers after cutting the cake. The second later told us it brought tears to her eyes.

We can talk about baking from scratch and using the finest flavours, but for us what matters is making your wedding cake the most beautiful cake you could possibly imagine for your special day. And then making it taste even better than it looks.

Dessert Tables

Ah, dessert tables, that beautiful marriage of decor and delicious. Complement your lovely wedding decor and delight your guests with some of your favourite treats.

Maybe it’s the vibrant brightness of a chocolate passion fruit tart highlighting the yellow accents of your colour scheme, or a gorgeously ruffle-frosted blue cupcake dusted with coconut cookie crumbs at your beach wedding. Or the opulently boxed chocolate truffle commemorating the engagement ring hidden in a chocolate box. Whatever the moment, whatever your passion, bring your inspiration to life in desserts.

Edible Favours

We’ve all seen Mom’s special shelf. The one cluttered high with assorted bric-à-brac, trinkets from Aunty Jane’s son’s best friend’s wedding 20 years ago. The one you dread being told to clean.

Want to save your wedding guests from that future? Make your favours edible. From monogrammed cupcakes or cookies in your favourite flavours to serving-sized jars of homemade jam, edible favours like dessert tables should tell the story of you.

Pro tip? Do your budget a favour, combine your dessert table and favours. Your wallet and your guests’ sweet teeth will thank you.


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Cupcake Wench at the Wedding Convention

We are so excited to be a part of the Wedding Convention. This is our first wedding expo and we’re also using the opportunity to unveil our first-ever Wedding Collection, titled unTraditional.

We’ve got three wonderful giveaways going, including an opportunity for one bride (and groom) to win a cake from our unTraditional Collection absolutely free!

If you’ve been to the expo and you’re looking for more information on the giveaways, visit our Offers page for complete details.

And remember, we’re looking out for the hashtag #cupcakewenchweddings on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!


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